Global bullshit advises on start selling

This “Indonesian dream” is an insult for many of recently fresh graduates

When it comes to making dreams come true, it is more frequent than never that fresh ideas from fresh graduates come out with so optimistic view and big pride.

One comes from my friend when we are involved in a conversation about being an entrepreneur. He rejects that kind of dream like the above picture, saying: “Hell, no. Being a civil officer or “PNS” is not my dream. I have more brilliant ideas than just being stuck and serving as civil officer or employee in any company. I can start my own company. I have passion on that, I know it”.

Okay. Well, you are just storytelling your dreams. And just like me or any other people, dreams are useless until we make it come true. We have heard about that, we know it.

So, what we are going to do?

Glancing at me, he said, “Hey, come on. You have internet and gadget in your hand. Goole it, or duckduckgo it. There are countless tips of doing it”.

What is next?

People buy anything, so you can sell anything.

Okay. What are the best items to make and sell?

And here goes the best bullshit when encouraging pals to start selling (being a sales people). Unfortunately, it comes sputtering from my own mouth:

Do some research on the market.

When the market is too broad, just look over your surroundings. 

Even if the surroundings are still too much, just take a look at your habit.

Things that you consume frequently are items that other people tend to consume, too.

After that, it it your next task to identify which you can afford to make and sell.

Be it food, handcraft, websites and online products, actually everything that is legally consumable has its market.

Doing this repeatedly will sharpen your market analysis.

You can expect to find your blue ocean, too.

And I keep trying to find more pages that talks the same, just to make a useless effort to convince myself. (Many times I wonder how come nowadays so many people have less confidence when sharing their opinions).

When seeking for advises, entrepreneurs need a nicely put advise. A honest one, different from so many other bullshit motivational quotes. No entrepreneur want to taste the same bullshit twice. And I am amazed when reading an unarguable truth that Entrepreneurs Fail as much as they Succeed.

In a brief explanation, it highlights some excellent motivational points.

Here I rewrite them.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life that offers unlimited possibilities to those who truly believe in it and live by it. But at the same time, entrepreneurship is a way of life that can totally alter the course of your life if misunderstood.

Entrepreneurship is not something you can fake your way through; you are either doing it right or not doing it right simple. There are no ways around it.

To help you better make that choice, here are 7 Indicators of entrepreneurs who are headed for doom. As you go through the list, be sincere to yourself and tick each of the signs currently present in your entrepreneurial life.

The purpose of this article is not to scare you or condemn you, but rather to alert you and help you retrace your steps back in the right direction before your entrepreneurial journey goes up in flames!

1) Survival Driven (Seeking Money before Adding Value)

This is one of the most obvious reasons why most entrepreneurs fail. If your primary motivation for being in business is to acquire wealth rather than to create and add value, then you’ve started off on the wrong foot. If the drive for money supersedes the drive to create innovative products/services that will add value to your target market, then is time for some serious soul searching.

The study above has plainly revealed what becomes of entrepreneurs who think like this –they never actually attain that level of financial freedom they so much lay emphasis on. Why? Because the universe will never reward those who seek to get before giving.

The purpose of entrepreneurship is not the accumulation of money but the creation of value-adding products/services that will help make the world a better place for all. Wealth is a result of consistently providing solutions to the problems of humanity.

If you doubt me, go ask Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the likes. These are people like you and I who simply followed their passion (purpose driven) rather than following money (survival driven) and yet made a great fortune.

2) Inadequate Knowledge (Low Business IQ):

The entrepreneur on the path to failure won’t see the need to develop his/her business IQ because of the quest for money. Such an entrepreneur feel business is all about how much you can make. The fact that how much you can make is a function of how much you know and how much you can do is usually ignored. Thus, they forget that a business just like every other discipline requires certain competencies (knowledge, skill and experience) in order to remain functional.

So what do you eventually get? An entrepreneur who is dabbling his/her way through the ever dynamic world of business. In the end, failure becomes inevitable. Why? Because as an entrepreneur your ability to do is perpetually limited by what you know. In other words, you are the engine of your business.

So, to have more means you have to do more and to do more means you have to keep learning more! How do you learn more? By consistently focusing on personal development and self improvement through reading (books, blogs, magazines, etc.), attending seminars, business development trainingsexecutive mentorship or coaching programs, membership to a business club or network, etc.

3) Lack of Focus (Jack of all Trade)

The great Albert Einstein notably stated;

“genius is the ability to focus on one particular thing for a long time without losing concentration.”

Such is not the case for the entrepreneur heading for doom. In fact, the exact opposite is the case; trying to do more than one thing at a time eventually not achieving excellence in any. As an entrepreneur your success or failure will be as a result of how well you maximize your strengths.

Your strengths are those activities you naturally enjoy doing and would naturally do for free your entire life if necessary. This is how every great entrepreneur in history made their success; doing what they love and loving what they do.

They are not jack of all trades and masters of none, NO! They are jack of few trades and masters of some. Why? Because entrepreneurship is about using your passion to make a positive contribution for the benefit of others. Stop doing what everyone else can do and start doing what only you can do exceptionally well. Focus on your core areas of strength.

4) Fear of Failure (Risk-Averse)

Nursing the fear of failure is another reason why entrepreneurs fail in business. Entrepreneurship is about unleashing your passion and creativity to do something that you truly care about. It doesn’t matter whether what you have in mind to create is popular or generally acceptable, what matters is that it mattered enough to you that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your idea become a reality.

The entrepreneur on the path to failure is the one who would never launch out because of the fear of failure, being laughed at, losing money, being called crazy etc.  Daring the un-dared for the sake of making change happen is the essence of entrepreneurship and it means looking your fear in the eye and stepping out in spite of it. Don’t allow fear of failure hold you back, do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.

5) Lack of Vision (Shortsightedness)

Entrepreneurs fail for lack of vision. The entrepreneur on the path to doom is the one that will never think of tomorrow. If you cannot literally see yourself and your business far into the future beyond today, then you are on the path to destruction.

Why would you want to go into business just for today’s sake alone? Why would you want to build a business the world will no longer remember after you are gone? The essence of entrepreneurship is to perpetually be of service to humanity.

Therefore, you must never cease to ask and be able to answer this question; “What can we start doing today to meet the needs of tomorrow?” Not having this consciousness is the reason why most entrepreneurs fail in business. Since they are not thinking about the future, the need to keep improving their game will be less paramount and as a result; they end up being eaten up by those businesses that are consistently creating the future today.

6) Poor Money Management (Extravagance)

Being an entrepreneur means being able to do more with less. The entrepreneur on the path to failure is the one who is extravagant –the habit of being excessively flamboyant, wasteful or spending money irrationally. Thrift or frugality is a requirement for your entrepreneurial journey if you hope to become successful. How else do you intend to succeed if you cannot judiciously manage the resources in your disposal?

A good way to avoid being extravagant is to look into financial management systems and to classify your expenses into two categories; urgent expenses and Important expenses. Your urgent expenses are your recurrent expenses, meaning they are periodic in nature. Your important expenses are your capital expenses; meaning they are not periodic in nature but are necessary for the continuity of the business.

They are more like expenses made today in order to secure the future. Also, as your business begins to grow, don’t become one of those who start showing off the success of their business by acquiring unnecessary symbols of wealth. Place yourself on salary, this is very important. You must never take what is not yours, make it a priority to put aside and redeploy all excesses created by the business back into the business.

7) I Can Do Well All by Myself (Insecurity)

There is a limit to what an individual can achieve alone, thus the need for team work. The entrepreneur on the path to destruction is the one who will never empower others nor seek the help of others for fear that they might outshine him/her. Great things are seldom achieved alone.

As an entrepreneur, it’s very important you understand that you have no exclusive right to what is being done through you. Whatever it is you have in your mind to create is not entirely yours to dominate, you are only a vessel through which an idea, innovation or product/service is being launched.

So, you must get rid of any insecurity and every scarcity mentality you might have that someone is going to beat you to it. The more insecure you are and as a result keep refusing to solicit the help of those more better than you in certain areas, the more you endanger the chance of that idea, innovation, product or service ever becoming a reality.

Okay. The speech ends. Thanks for the idea. Really really brilliant ideas.

But, even this  very good article from naijapreneur is not enough. Really, why?

Simply because no baby can walk without walk on his/her feet.

You will fall many times, but you have to keep walking your steps anyway

And this big guy (RIP Bob Sadino) blows my mind as he really DO what he SAY.

A good business in one that is started, not discussed all the time.

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Addictive at gadgets, unable to write letter?

It is so amazing when people nowadays feel that they are so well equipped to do anything. Technology has made everything possible for you. Gadgets and internet is always a great help when you are looking for any information. But, it is not always the case. Even when it comes to simple thing just like what my Quora’s friend recently asked me about.

“What are the best guides for learning to start a letter”?

Millenials will feel this question silly, but to Gen Y and Gen X, this could be a big problem.

All you need is hands moving your pen

Well, I am not sure whether there are certain guides to help people writing a letter. Additionally, if they are asking for the best. Probably all the bloggers and writers will refer to different people, according to their very personal experience. But, since there are more people who are not bloggers and writers, the reference and links probably will not give any hint.

Thus, it will be like asking people: “Who is the prettiest girl all of the world?”

Everybody may answer, and the pleasant truth is that everybody can shoot any name according to their appetite. For my dad, the answer is my mom. Well, he should encouraged to utter this expressly more frequently 🙂

When it comes to writing a specific letter for specific purpose addressed for a specific person, there you can do the same.

When you are writing a romance letter to your LDR-crush, write all things that make him/her to remember to the sender, it is you.

When you are writing a business letter to your potential customer, just read what others had done to you before. Read any newsletter subscribed to you by random marketer or news websites, and apply the same.

You just need to give another captioning.

Which sentences please you, use them.

Which persuasive methods impress you, use them.

Of course, make sure that you know what to write first.

Some people say that editing while writing will consume too much time.

I agree with that. Some drawn outline might be helpful to hinder that too long consuming effort of yours.

Hope this helps.

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There is freedom in jail along Jakarta streets

One friend at Quora ask me an interesting question.

“What can you do in Jakarta besides going to endless cafes, restaurants, movies and mall hopping?”

I think about it a while. Assumptions come to my head that he address this question after doing some research on the mind-blowing facts of Jakarta.

But I don’t want to be involved in misconception. So, I want to make it clear. So, here my answer goes.

Yes, traffic jam in streets of Jakarta is annoying. Public transportation is not yet well-managed. Hence, going to cafes, restaurants, movies and mall are reasonable choices for many of citizens who are willing to find some fresh air and space.

At this point, it looks like we are stuck in jail. Is Jakarta as crowded as in jail where we can not go anywhere? Yes. And because it is like being a prisoner in space, it is like being a free people in terms of thinking.

Body in jail, mind goes everywhere

But if we put that question in a broader sense, simply replacing “Jakarta” with any name of the city all over the world, then the answer will be applicable everywhere. By reviewing where your routine has brought you in; what you can do in Jakarta, you can do it as well in Surabaya, Medan, Bali, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo or New York (maybe).

Seriously? Yes, I am not kidding. Simply because what you can do is not only as narrow as what you see, but what you can think as well. It is that simple.

While waiting for a ride of public bus provided by Trans Jakarta, you can spent your whole almost-wasting time to almost-quality time by reading books or listening to your music pads.

If you want to try two-wheel, you can book Gojek, an Ojek for every need or pick a GrabBike. You can compare them by clicking on this interesting article.

It is not my business when you are asking me what you can do by your private bike or cars. It is your stuff and it is your business.

You can think everything while enjoying the ride, aren’t you?

While being in a traffic jam no matter what transportation mode that you use, and it seems you can not do anything, you can think everything. You can even train your observer-analytics skill.

Stop complaining, start thinking

Just watch everybody.

Listen to anything that people talk about.

Hear what Jakarta’s people are chattering.

Look how far this city has emerged.

Notice how far this has brought its people into an a very vast variety of citizenship perspectives’ level.

You can think this and that.

And the litany goes on.

For a thinker and observer, Jakarta is really a heaven. Why? Simply because “Hell for senses is heaven for mind”.

If Rene Descartes were a Jakartan, this one is probably his saying to forever-complaining badass.

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Pocong does not represent Indonesia

*A repost from my writing on Quora
Is pocong (in terms of burial way) exclusive to Indonesia?


Any burial way is exclusive for the dead body, and so does with pocong.
But, when it is addressed to Indonesia, it is not.

Pocong is not a burial way. It is a ghost-like appearance that some people say as ex-moslem wandering spirits. Being put in a white linen cover with only face disclosed when buried, that figure is what most of Indonesian people (which is actually moslem majority) will expect to see and imagine when talking about ghosts. Pocongs are usually attributed as annoying, frightening, threatening, and in most cases those myth-based belief jabberings they just do it as a revenge to the people who have done wrong tho them while alive.

By the way, pocong is one among thousand of ghost figures spread among 250 million of Indonesian population.

As more and more people will likely become more open-minded and tend do think more scientifically, pocong along with another so-called ghosts are enjoyed as art. You may a bunch of it in films in some domestic TV channels.

As for me, if it is about art, the figure of pocong is far from beauty, and I can’ t understand that is an exclusive way to bury people.

So, is pocong exclusive to Indonesia?
Yes, if you refer to some group of people in Indonesia because it is them that have that term.
No, because in many other countries moslems bury dead person in the similar way.
Here I pick you one.

Tobanese ghost is even more frightening than this. This one not beautiful, still cute 🙂

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Ada mobile di mobil sang brigadir mobil

Pagi ini kelihatan cerah sehingga meski jalanan di Jalan Iskandar Muda, Jakarta Selatan terlihat macet, tetapi semangat pagi masih menjadi alasan untuk menyemangati diri dan mengayuh roda dua yang menjadi armada andalanku untuk bepergian kemana-mana.

Sopir dan penumpang sengaja tidak ditampilkan untuk menghindari paparazzi dan mamarazzi 🙂

Belum lagi karena kali ini jok yang biasanya hanya menopang pantatku kini sudah memenuhi fungsinya untuk juga menyediakan boncengan bagi putri Sion yang sudah beberapa bulan terakhir menemani hari-hariku. Satu lagi alasan untuk tersenyum pagi ini.

Yup. She really looks like this from behind 🙂

Tapi pagi yang cerah dan hati yang riang ini ternyata harus berhadapan dengan insiden bensin habis sehingga harus dorong motor (I know its my fault for neglecting the petrolmeter) persis usai mengantar si doi ke tempat kerja. Dorong sebentar lalu minta tolong teman untuk ambil bensin di SPBU, akhirnya aku bisa melanjutkan perjalanan kembali.

This guy is not me and these girls are just imaginary (in case you read this literally)

Tapi ternyata ini baru awal dari tragedi a la Mr. Bean’s Holiday penuh kesialan tanpa henti. Akhir-akhir ini aku baru menyadari bahwa kesialan si komedian kocak ini ternyata tidak jera-jera menimpaku juga. Pity me. Insiden berikutnya datang dari seorang brigadir mobil yang mengendarai mobil sambil memegang mobile phone. Iya. Ini bukan curhat puitis dirangkai dengan rima, tetapi benar terjadi adanya.

Di tengah macetnya jalanan dari daerah Karet menuju Tanah Abang, tiba-tiba … SHIT … aku merasa jari kelingking kaki sebelah kanan seperti ditimpa kaki dinosaurus. Serius? Iya. Rasanya begitu.

Sontak aku menoleh ke arah datangnya malapetaka itu. Ternyata datangnya dari ban kiri depan sebuah mobil dengan plat bertanda anggota brigadir mobil.

Amarahku mendidih dan segera aku layangkan tinju ke kaca depan mobilnya sembari membanting spion kiri. Akhirnya orang dalam mobil membuka kaca depan sebelah kiri mobilnya barangkali untuk memastikan wajahku yang meringis kesakitan. Panik sambil kebingungan, tampak rasa bersalah di wajahnya. Sialnya, namanya juga jalanan macet, mobil bahkan tidak bisa bergerak maju. Si brimob pendek berkumis hitam tersebut pun memundurkan mobilnya. Alhasil: Kaki dinosaurus pun menginjak kakiku untuk kedua kalinya. SHIT … dan SHIT … Maka lengkaplah sudah kesialanku pagi ini. Sakitnya itu berawal dari jari kiri, mengalir melalui seluruh nadi, terasa di sekujur tubuh, dan mendidih di ubun-ubun.

Setelah jalanan yang macet gila berkurang sedikit kegilaannya, aku beri dia isyarat untuk meminggirkan mobilnya.Ia pun mengekor. Kali ini ia membuka kaca depan sebelah kirinya dan berkata: “Iya, pak. Maaf Saya tidak sengaja. Ini mau diobati atau bagaimana?”.

Demi melihat ekspresi bersalahnya, aku menarik napas sejenak. “Bapak ini Brimob, khan?”, tanyaku dengan amarah yang kini menyusut menjadi kesal. Dia mengangguk. “Maaf sekali lagi, pak. Karena ini lagi macet, kita mutar dulu aja pak di depan sana supaya bisa diobati”, ujarnya sembari menunjuk putaran paling dekat.

Macet, panas plus kena injak kaki dinosaurus alias ban mobil ini benar-benar menguji kesabaranku.Tapi demi melihat macet dan aku harus buru-buru ke kantor, setelah memastikan bahwa jariku hanya lebam sedikit, aku memutuskan untuk tidak memperpanjang masalah. “Lain kali hati-hati donk Pak kalau menyetir,” ujarku melaju kembali setelah amarah tadi sedikit terlampiaskan dengan memukul kaca depan mobilnya dan membanting spionnya.

Mudah-mudahan ke depannya setiap pengendara mobil (baik brigadir mobil ataupun brigadir jenderal), militer atau sipil, tidak melulu asyik dengan mobile phone-nya ketika menyetir mobil. Supaya ke depan tidak ada lagi korban berikutnya seperti saya. Trust me, jari dilindas ban mobil itu sakit, tidak asik dan tidak perlu dicoba.

The accident really happened several meters before reaching this point.

Kisah ini kutulis setelah agak tenang sembari menyeruput kopi sesampainya di kantor. Terima kasih, kopi hitam.

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Delivering Peace of Mind in ICT

Peace of Mind in ICT

Dewasa ini perusahaan-perusahaan IT tanpa ragu menyatakan janji dan komitmen bahwa mereka akan memberikan peace of mind kepada para customer dan partner mereka. Janji dan komitmen itu di-deliver dengan berbagai cara dan media. Disampaikan dengan berbagai cara dan tone. Tak jarang pula menimbulkan pengertian yang berbeda bagi audience.

Karena itu, sebelum menjadi judgemental tenang benar tidaknya hal tersebut terjadi di lapangan, ada baiknya kita terlebih dahulu menyamakan perspektif tentang makna kata Peace of Mind in IT.

Peace of mind adalah keadaan tenteram secara mental dan emosional. Tidak ada kekhawatiran, ketakutan ataupun tekanan batin (no worries, fears nor stress). Maka, Peace of Mind dalam dunia Teknologi Informasi (IT) berarti ketenteraman bagi para stakeholder, yakni siapapun yang menggunakan IT atau mengalami dampak dari penggunaannya.

Mengingat perkembangan teknologi informasi yang sudah menjadi bagian tak terpisahkan dari setiap aktifitas dunia usaha, cakupan dari terminogi ini menjadi sangat luas. Bahkan menyentuh hampir setiap sendi kehidupan manusia.

Momen peace of mind menjadi semakin jarang ditemui ketika orang tidak lagi punya waktu untuk diri sendiri dan orang-orang serta hal-hal yang dia cintai karena harus melakukan pekerjaan lain.

Menonton acara TV yang menghibur menjadi mahal karena harus mengecek e-mail dari para karyawan.

Menemani sang isteri minum teh berdua semakin jarang karena harus memeriksa persediaan stok barang di inventory.

Novel terbaru yang baru dibeli tidak sempat dibaca karena mesti menemani staf HRD menghitung gaji karyawan.

Bahkan berbaring santai di pantai sambil menikmati liburan pun harus terganggu jika Anda adalah satu-satunya engineer yang menguasai kinerja mesin di perusahaan.

Belum lagi jika waktu tidur pun harus terganggu karena manajer hotel menelfon Anda setelah seorang tamu hotel kecewa karena check-in yang lama sekali.

Daftar “kekecewaan-kekecewaan” ini masih bisa ditambah lagi. Yang pasti, hal-hal ini menghalangi terciptanya Peace of Mind. Adakah perusahaan IT yang mampu mengatasi kekecewaan tersebut? Jika ada, pemahaman apa yang mesti dimiliki untuk bisa melakukannya?

Semesta aktifitas dunia IT adalah pertukaran informasi. Fokusnya ada pada informasi, yakni informasi apa yang disampaikan serta bagaimana informasi itu dipertukarkan. Berangkat dari pemahaman ini, sebuah perusahaan IT yang sudah berpengalaman selama 32 tahun di Indonesia menyatakan bahwa memberikan peace of mind in ICT berarti menyampaikan informasi yang tepat, kepada orang yang tepat pada saat yang tepat.

Informasi yang tepat berarti akurat (acurate) dan mudah dimengerti (easy to understand).

Disampaikan kepada orang yang tepat berarti disampaikan dengan sistem yang utuh menyatu (integrated) dan aman (secured) sehingga informasi ini tidak diterima oleh orang yang salah.

Pada saat yang tepat berarti informasi yang disampaikan itu relevan (relevant) dan menuntun pada tindakan (actionable).

Banyak orang akan menterjemahkan hal ini dengan mengatakan “Ya sudah, tinggal adopsi saja the the latest technology, masalah selesai”. Sayangnya, solusi yang benar-benar memberikan peace of mind tidak selalu the latest technology, tetapi teknologi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan konteks di lapangan.

Misalnya, banyak pelaku industri merasa bahwa sebuah software haruslah dibangun secara web-based dengan alasan mobilitas dan kemudahan lainnya dibandingkan dengan menggunakan sebuah terminal server. Tapi untuk wilayah dengan jaringan internet yang lambat, alih-alih membantu ini malah bisa memperlambat kinerja perusahaan.

Oleh karena itu, sangat penting bagi setiap perusahaan IT untuk selalu menggali kebutuhan dari customer atau prospeknya: “Apa yang anda cari?”

Dalam situasi seperti ini, batin tenang dan hati nyaman menghantar seseorang pada pengalaman bahagia dan bebas. Untuk mengalami momen seperti ini, seorang pemilik usaha akan membayar perusahaan IT manapun at any cost.

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The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Trade has targeted the export growth at 300% over the next five years as a concrete step to carry out the mandate of Nawa Cita, the policy principles of the cabinet headed by President Jokowi (see Press Release of the Ministry of Trade on February 16, 2015).

As main export commodities, the products of the manufacturing industry still put Indonesia as a major player in the global manufacturing business. To achieve this target, of course, a synergy between many parties is heavily required. Legal certainty, government support, and readiness of manufacturing business players.

The export optimism illustrates how broad the business opportunities in manufacturing can be. Of course, any business player who is ready to compete to develop the industry will come up as recognized partaker. In terms of industry constellation, using this opportunity implies concrete implementations of reliable systems and technology to increase production capacity.

As one of the major components that determine the labor-intensive manufacturing growth rate, human resources should be the focus of every manufacturing company. The employee is an asset. And all assets need to be managed properly to bring sustainable profits to the company. Given the complexity of human character, it takes the approach of local culture to target the highest level of achievable productivity. Thus, to establish a manufacturing company in Indonesia is to entrust the business supply chain to Indonesian people in accordance with Indonesian regulations.

When it comes to business management, manufacturers should put this question as top priority to answer: “I see my employees work for 8 hours per day, 5-6 days a week and I want to make sure that they give their best contribution to my company. Have I got the best system support to make it come true?”. Furthermore, “How can I find a valid parameter to measure their productivity, and the progress of the business, respectively?”

Answer to those questions prerequisites huge data, covering the attendance, payroll, loan funds, medical reimbursement, training, and treatment.

The need for system

“I have run my business in a good system of management” may be a spontaneous response from the business owners like you when addressed by questions on how significant your system fostering your employees’ productivity. However, good is never enough when you open your window wide and see that outside other competitors that successfully reach better performance.

As a player, you will not be satisfied knowing this. You should take your step further and see what happens, instead of assuming that there can not be other way by which you carry out your company. The competitors have identified weaknesses in the lack of efficiency and the long duration of data processing. They have found the solution in an integrated technology-based solution, built in a complete package of software, hardware, maintenance and support. If they can have helpful solution, then the solutions must have been available somewhere, waiting for you at the end your search.

Many companies now use a software with modules that provide great help to your HR manager. Its is likely that the number will grow, may be faster than you can predict. Of course, some others will insist using the same manual-based system.

As a player, you will come outstanding when you stand with the first. Who are they that stand among the first?

As an advanced manufacturing industry country, Japan deserve to be a reference. Japan has created widespread known HR management systems that boost human productivity. In synergy with superior management, as well as applied to plants in Indonesia. Call it the Toyota Way, Just in Time Manufacturing, and the Kanban System. Synergies to be complete and the company helped found the best performance when the human resources and management meet with a qualified ICT systems. Then, which ICT system can meet these expectations?

Kanban System
Smart tech for smart people

Japanese factories such as Seiwa, Kao, Yamaha, and Sumi Rubber turns choosing SIAP+P, e-HRIS system created by Realta. Maintenance and support are best made SIAP+P leading choice for manufacturers who have proven that consistent progress in Indonesia’s manufacturing industry.

Users of SIAP+P have now started to spread to almost all areas of manufacturing. You can find the reason why the companies below also choose to use the SIAP+P, not the other system. Survive and continue to evolve, these companies had the same characteristics: They pay great attention to the productivity of its employees, and feel the need to seek appropriate ICT systems for them.

Just go google or duckduckgo these items and discover what business are these companies involved with.

  • Chakra Adi Utama Mulia
  • Afikogyo Indonesia
  • Argapura
  • Amerta Indah Otsuka
  • Aisin Indonesia
  • Astari Niagara
  • Bandung Sakura textille Mill
  • CITAS Otis Elevator
  • DIC Astra Chemical
  • Energizer Indonesia
  • Fabindo Sejahtera
  • Famatex
  • Fuji Technica Indonesia
  • Chemicals Inter Aneka Lestari
  • Indomitra Sedaya
  • International Paint Indonesia
  • International Power Mitsui
  • Indonesia Synthetic textille Mill
  • Indonesia Toray Synthetic
  • Intertek Utama Services
  • Indonesia Wacoal
  • KAO Indonesia
  • Kawasaki Motor Indonesia
  • Plastic KMK Indonesia
  • Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia
  • Nippres Indonesia
  • NSK Bearings Indonesia
  • Pacific Presstress Indonesia
  • Sanden Indonesia
  • SBP Indonesia
  • SC Johnson & Son
  • Seiwa Indonesia
  • Sanken Indonesia
  • Smart Tbk
  • Surya Semesta Internusa
  • Sentralindo Teguh Gemilang
  • Thamrin Brothers
  • Toshiba Consumer Products
  • Cemani Toka
  • Yamaha Motor Parts Mfg Indonesia


SIAP+P is a software application HRIS (Human Resources Information System) that helps professionals in the field of HR to give direction to employees, as well as determine the processes and strategies appropriate work. At the moment SIAP+P has been successfully implemented a in more than 150 companies and organizations for various kind of industry.

As a result, companies that have used the SIAP+P was observed to continue to demonstrate significant performance improvements along with the reduced risk. This is possible because the employees could have more time, no longer have to queue for administrative matters such as is commonly done on manual methods. Governance of efficient manpower in turn will facilitate better decision making, and ultimately lead to customer satisfaction.

SIAP+P provides the following application services that help companies or organizations to actualize the full potential of their businesses. Aspects being targeted can vary, both to reduce costs, increase advanced training for employees, improving payroll system, and provide better services for employees. The end result was predictable. Increased productivity, strengthen competitiveness and increase customer satisfaction.

It is interesting to note that the terminology of “siap” itself in Bahasa simply means “ready, well prepared”.

Now SIAP+P is also equipped with ESS (Employee Self Service) mobile applications. Users simply download it at the mobile phone so that it can monitor its employees more easily.


The manufacturing industry will continue to grow, and Indonesia is a market that is estimated will replace China as the world’s largest manufacturing producer. Playing solid competitor in this sector, management systems and productive workforce will support the company continuously only if equipped with ICT systems that ensure efficient use of manpower.

SIAP+P comes as a comprehensive solution for ICT systems you need. The manufacturing company will always dealing with employee data management, control over employee productivity, payroll system and other benefits. Integrated solution for the management of this will increasingly feel the benefits, especially much less number of employees your company more and more.

You can choose: do it yourself and experience more hassles and losses in the past, or SIAP+P that does it for you.

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Paus itu ateis?

Francis and Castro

Teringat perbincangan dengan seorang teman di Facebook.

Beliau membagikan link Pope said Jesus failed? ini dan langsung mentah-mentah ditangkap bulat-bulat.

Tak tanggung-tanggung, teman saya ini bilang bahwa:

“Intinya pope menyatakan bahwa Yesus gagal dalam karya penyelamatannya di kayu salib dan Yesus adalah putra Lucifer”

Lalu dia tambahkan lagi bahwa si Pope tidak pantas jadi pemimpin umat. ”Pope emang ateis kok. Ga layak buat jadi pemimpin umat”

Banyak emoticon “smile” yang dia gunakan ketika mengomentari postingannya sendiri sehingga saya merasa bahwa ia hanya sekedar mencari sensasi saja.

Saya bertanya apakah maksudnya memang benar demikian?

Saya coba mengkritisi karena jika ini viral, bukan tidak mungkin bahwa yang bersangkutan bisa berhadapan dengan kritik yang mungkin tidak sanggup dia terima lagi. Bukan karena apa. Seandainya memang kritik atau postingannya ditulis sebagai tanggapan, tentunya yang bersangkutan sebaiknya membaca terlebih dahulu teks yang dia ingin komentari (dalam hal ini: menonton seluruh video yang dia share dan tidak memberi caption secara serampangan)

Tapi sebelumnya saya pastikan dulu apakah dia memang benar-benar bermaksud mengatakan hal itu atau sengaja melempar isu dan memancing komentar-komentar yang beragam mutu dan motifnya dari para pengguna Facebook. Saya agak wanti-wanti saja, belum yakin betul dia benar-benar serius membagikan hasil pemikirannya seperti itu atau sekedar bercanda.

Memberi komentar atas seorang figur publik memang sah-sah saja. Sekalipun figur publik itu sebesar Paus, yang notabene memang pemimpin institusi Gereja Katolik.

Terlepas dari figur yang dikritiknya, hanya membaca paragraf ini saja pun kiranya yang bersangkutan tidak perlu sudah mengerti apa sebenarnya maksud dari sang Paus.

“God sees to the fruits of our labors, and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross,” Pope Francis said.

Ternyata benar: Teman saya ini hanya bercanda.

Atau mungkin karena kesal saja, dan mencoba melampiaskan kekesalannya dengan mencantumkan postingan di media sosial dan mencari hiburan dengan membaca komentar-komentar yang muncul sebagai notifikasi di gadget yang dia gunakan.

Hanya saja, sebelum saya dan beberapa teman-teman yang lain, komentar menghujat seperti yang dia targetkan sudah muncul duluan, mengatakan bahwa Paus itu seorang ateis dan tidak pantas menjadi pemimpin umat. Persis seperti yang sudah terjadi di negara lain.

Entahlah. Apakah beliau benar-benar tidak membaca semuanya, tapi saya lantas screen-shot saja isi teks kotbah sang Paus dalam kutipan yang lebih lengkap dan menunjukkan kepadanya. Tugas saya selesai. Selanjutnya, terserah dia.

Fenomen seperti ini barangkali menjadi tren di media sosial. Bahkan orang-orang yang menurut para followers-nya adalah tokoh yang punya intelejensi dan wawasan yang mumpuni, tak jarang juga jatuh dalam godaan untuk men-share link, halaman atau kutipan dari seorang figur publik dan memposting begitu saja hanya dengan melakukan copy paste dari headline-nya.

Hal ini tidak sepenuhnya salah. Bisa saja itu metode mereka untuk menguji seberapa kritis para follower-nya (jika mereka cukup arif). Tapi yang sering terlihat ialah bahwa mereka sendiri tidak benar membaca terlebih dahulu mana isu yang ingin mereka sampaikan ke para pengikutnya. Ibarat guru, postingan di media sosial dari seorang yang dianggap ahli dan berwawasan luas di suatu bidang ibarat vitamin bagi para pengikutnya (yang tanpa sadar menjadi murid dari orang yang memposting). Sebagaimana layaknya pengikut, kebanyakan langsung menelan bulat-bulat saja gagasan yang dilontarkan dari sang gurunya.

Sudah saatnya kita arif membagikan berita, dan membacanya.

Yang menjadi masalah ialah, jika seperti kasus teman saya di atas, orang yang dianggap arif malah dengan sadar membagikan begitu saja isu mentah dengan mencaplok headline tanpa memahami konteksnya: bayangkan betapa cepatnya kebodohan menjadi viral.

Rasanya, viralitas yang berbasiskan sensasionalitas bukan hal yang dicari para pengguna media sosial atau pembaca berita.

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Internet buat SD

Aku penasaran dengan tubuhku. Tentu saja, aku tidak mengeluh. Tidak ada yang kurang dengan tangan, lengan, perut atau pun wajahku.

Anak SD

Oh iya. Saat ini aku duduk di bangku SD, dan pertanyaan ini begitu mengganggu karena terus-menerus mengusik benakku. Untung guru kelas mengajar IPA juga. Sampai di rumah, aku bolak-bolak sebentar halaman buku pelajaran ini.

Buku biologi

Lalu terkejut. Ternyata ayah dan ibu tidak sekedar pegangan tangan lalu tahu-tahu besok paginya aku sudah ada.
Pegangan Tangan

Oh iya. Kata orang, ayah dan ibu dulu menikah. Apakah sebelum menikah mereka sempat berpacaran terlebih dahulu, aku tidak tahu. Tapi, kenapa ibuku tidak menikah dengan Bill Gates saja?

Bill Gates

Kalau begitu, ayahku khan bisa menikah dengan Aishwarya Rai.

Aishwarya Rai

Tapi, ya sudahlah. Untunglah skenarionya berbeda. Aku hanya ingat bahwa mereka bertemu di sebuah warung. Waktu itu Ibu menjadi penjaga warung yang kasihan dengan seorang pemuda yang membalut kakinya. Ada luka yang yang harus dibebat supaya tidak membusuk. Begitulah, mungkin, mereka akhirnya saling jatuh cinta. Setelah abang dan kakak, akupun terlahir sebagai anak ketiga.
Rawat Kaki

Sebenarnya, adakah kekuatan lain yang menghendaki Aku ada di dunia ini? Apakah benar ada selain chemistry, romantisme dan nafsu di antara kedua orang tuaku?”
Spirit given

Sebagai orang yang ketinggalan informasi, browsing internet untuk pertama kalinya serasa berada di perpustakaan maha luas, membaca berjam-jam disana tanpa takut diusir oleh penjaga perpustakaan atau serba kikuk ketika mencari novel di seksi yang hanya bisa dibaca jika sudah mendapat izin dari guru.

Begitulah. Aku mulai betah berlama-lama di depan komputer karena tiba-tiba menemukan bahwa banyak tulisan, informasi, gambar dan video yang memenuhi selera paling nakal dan liar yang selama ini membuntuti hasrat tidurku.

Lalu, semuanya terang. Ternyata semuanya ada disana.
Mulai dari ujung jari hingga ujung rambut.
World in Hand

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Anti Pikun

Apa yang terjadi ketika mengingat nama seseorang? Mengapa kita cenderung ingat dengan wajah seseorang dan cenderung butuh waktu cukup lama untuk bisa mengingat namanya? Tentu saja orang yang membuat kita terkesan umumnya lebih mudah kita ingat. Sialnya, begitu kesan itu memudar kita pun kembali mendadak lupa.

Hari pertama masuk TK, ketika kita bahkan sulit membedakan kolam renang dan kolam ikan, sangat mustahil untuk lupa dengan teman yang mengulurkan tangannya dan menarik kita keluar dari genangan air sambil basah-basahan.

Kolam Ikan

Untuk anak sekolah, bisa jadi teman yang hari ini memberikan es krimnya padamu mengisi benakmu berjam-jam.

Makan Es Krim

Jika kamu gadis belia penggila artis populer Korea, sosok yang tiba-tiba melintas di depanmu setahu bagaimana bisa mengingatkanmu pada Lee Min Ho atau Kim Hyung Minh . Tidak masalah apakah orang itu tidak mengenalmu atau bahkan tidak menolehmu sedikit pun.

Lee Min Ho

Seorang teman pernah bilang bahwa untuk mengingat, kita butuh lebih dari sekedar hubungan emosional. Visualisasi dan imajinasi ternyata kerap begitu rakus menempati setiap sudut pikiran kita.

Tidak mengherankan, begitu banyak buku yang sudah kita baca tetapi mendadak kita lupa siapa pengarang buku itu ketika teman menanyakannya kepada kita beberapa tahun kemudian.

Kerap kali kita juga merasa sedih. Sedih karena begitu lama menghabiskan waktu dan menumpuk informasi di area kognitif kita sejak TK hingga SMA atau bahkan perguruan tinggi, lalu ketika memasuki dunia kerja tiba-tiba kita tersadar bahwa hampir tidak ada satupun topik yang benar-benar kita ingat.

Word Salad

Jika pernah mengalami hal semacam itu, ada baiknya kita berhenti berusaha mengingat namanya. Mencoba berdamai dengan kenyataan bahwa memang memori otak kita sudah lama kita pindahkan ke mobile phone atau malah kita simpan di Drop Box, One Drive atau Google Drive , kita serahkan dengan suka rela ke Google, seolah-olah Larry Page ingin tahu semuanya tentang kita, seperti siapa ciuman pertama kita.

Ciuman Pertama

Untuk teman-teman sekelas hal ini tidak begitu sulit karena sejak dari SD hingga Perguruan Tinggi terbiasa memberi nama julukan satu-sama lain. Dan ini sangat membantu. Kendatipun tetap ada resikonya: Kami malah lebih ingat dengan nama julukan teman daripada nama aslinya.

Oke. Saya sadar. Teknologi ini memanjakan ingatanku. Tapi, tolonglah. Saya tidak ingin malu di depan teman lama ketika kami berjumpa kemudian untuk pertama kalinya setelah bertahun-tahun tidak bertemu. Bagaimana donk? Padahal, saya ingat pernah sama-sama bolos pada pelajaran Matematika lalu dihukum bersama-sama keesokan harinya di depan kelas. Oh, tolonglah. Kenapa saya bisa selupa ini?”

Dihukum Guru

Aku tidak ingin mengalami hal memalukan semacam ini. Tampaknya kelemahanku mengingat nama dan mencocokkannya dengan wajah orang sudah mulai akut. Bagaimana kalau aku sampai lupa nama orang-orang terdekatku? Keluarga, pacar, teman sekantor, teman se-hobby atau ibu penjual nasi di kantin langgananku?

Kalau begitu, aku harus memberi mereka nama julukan. Ya, nama julukan yang membantu menghadirkan wajah yang bersangkutan. Aku punya teman yang bernama Rudianto dengan nama julukan Dominus.

Rudianto Purba

Tentu saja, dia bukan sang Dominus (Tuhan), tetapi ini mengingatkanku ketika kami belajar bersama men-tasrif kosakata bahasa Latin beberapa puluh tahun sebelumnya. Jadi, kini aku punya dua rujukan bagi temanku ini. Nama formalnya dan pengalaman menghafal kata-kata Latin sambil menggerakkan kepala naik turun bagai anak ayam minum air.

Anak Ayam

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