Addictive at gadgets, unable to write letter?

It is so amazing when people nowadays feel that they are so well equipped to do anything. Technology has made everything possible for you. Gadgets and internet is always a great help when you are looking for any information. But, it is not always the case. Even when it comes to simple thing just like what my Quora’s friend recently asked me about.

“What are the best guides for learning to start a letter”?

Millenials will feel this question silly, but to Gen Y and Gen X, this could be a big problem.

All you need is hands moving your pen

Well, I am not sure whether there are certain guides to help people writing a letter. Additionally, if they are asking for the best. Probably all the bloggers and writers will refer to different people, according to their very personal experience. But, since there are more people who are not bloggers and writers, the reference and links probably will not give any hint.

Thus, it will be like asking people: “Who is the prettiest girl all of the world?”

Everybody may answer, and the pleasant truth is that everybody can shoot any name according to their appetite. For my dad, the answer is my mom. Well, he should encouraged to utter this expressly more frequently 🙂

When it comes to writing a specific letter for specific purpose addressed for a specific person, there you can do the same.

When you are writing a romance letter to your LDR-crush, write all things that make him/her to remember to the sender, it is you.

When you are writing a business letter to your potential customer, just read what others had done to you before. Read any newsletter subscribed to you by random marketer or news websites, and apply the same.

You just need to give another captioning.

Which sentences please you, use them.

Which persuasive methods impress you, use them.

Of course, make sure that you know what to write first.

Some people say that editing while writing will consume too much time.

I agree with that. Some drawn outline might be helpful to hinder that too long consuming effort of yours.

Hope this helps.

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