English Translation Lyrics – “Dijou Au Mulak” by Nahum Situmorang

As Nahum’s song lover, it is quite interesting to note that his songs attract not only Batak-Toba native speakers but also from people across the globe. Every time I surf the internet, it is more frequent than never, one or two comment appears, saying that they love the music and thereby want to know the meaning of the lyrics.

Since until today as I write this piece, Google Translate and other third-party translator plugins have not yet provided satisfying translation from Batak-Toba to English and vice versa, manual linguistic interpretation will still likely be the best option. There I want to participate so that language barrier do not get us in the way when listening to Nahum’s great songs.

I dedicate this translation of Dijou Au Mulak by Nahum Situmorang to a Youtube account For Truth 2559 as he asked for it in his comment to Victor Hutabarat singing in this video.

Batak-Toba lyric version (original)


Sian na dao hubege do sada ende
tarsongon na mangandung andung inang
Mangandungi au parjalani borngin na i
tangis tarlungun lungun inang

Dijou au mulak inang da tu rura silindung
disi do paimahon inang
Da na lambok malilung

mansai hansit jala ngotngot mansai porsuk
Jala dangol do andungi begeon inang
di rusuki di bolai ate ate
Dibagasan hilalaon amang da inang

na lao na mulak inang
Da tu rura silindung
asa gira hu ida inang da na lambok malilung

Hudul au inang na so sombopon mata da inang sora tarpodom
Binaen ni sidangol on da inang

dibaheni aut marhabong habong au
tarsongon lali habang au da inang
tokin on dope au lao habang manalpuik akka dolok rura inang

Na lao ma au habang inang da tu rura silindung
Asa gira hu ida inang da na lambok malilung

Mulak ma au.. mulak ma au.. mulak ma au.. mulak ma au
Hudul au inang pual pualon jonjong au inang na so sombopon
Mata da inang sora tarpodom binaeni sidangolon da inang

One unpopular fact: If we listen carefully to the vocal intro, those notes resemble ones in Westlife’s “I Have a Dream”. However, only in that part. In other parts, it is rightfully the work of Nahum.

So, on your request, here is my take, friend.

English version lyrics – “I am called  Home” by Nahum Situmorang

I heard a song from far away
sound like a sad lament
I suddenly cried incessantly
in my loneliness that night.

I am called home to Rura Silindung
there she had waited for me,
my gentle Mommy.

(Dunno why) to me, the song depicted
pains and sorrow
that broke my heart
it came all over my feelings

(and that happened) on my way
to Rura Silindung
I could not wait for longer to see my gentle Mommy


So there I sat with weeping eyes
could not sleep even for a while
I could no longer cope with this longing

If only I had wings
I would fly like an eagle
fly across the hills and valleys


and destined to where I am called home, to Rura Silindung
I could not wait for longer to see my gentle Mommy

I am coming back home … I am coming back home … I am coming back home

Rura Silindung is a rural village, located in Tarutung, North Sumatera. It is surrounded by hills and irrigated by the water supply from Aek Sigeaon. Most people said that this spot worths a visit from its beauty and shadiness. No wonder Nahum wrote a song dedicated to this place.

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