Every Fitness Lesson Learned after More Than 20 Years in The Gym

  1. If you’re not horny, you die earlier.

  2. Drink occasional red wine to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  3. Eat as much fruit as you want. Nearly impossible to evereat.

  4. Cardio is like day trading for quick profits (burn calories). Lifting weight is like investing for passive income (boosts metabolism).

  5. Peanut butter is not a high-protein snack.

  6. Eggs are superfood, not a “food to avoid”

  7. Exercise is a documented depressant. Exercise more.

  8. News, both online and printed, are documented depressant. Stop watching the news.

  9. Prayer decreases stress, anxiety and depression

  10. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day

  11. Most people eat due to B.T.S. (boredom, thirst, stress) – not hunger

  12. 99% can overcome lousy genetics due to epigenetics (your habits alter the way your genes work)

  13. Higher cholesterol is associated with  longer lifespan.

  14. Take regular saunas to reduce all-cause mortality by 40%

  15. Skipping workouts because you’re “tired” is the reason you’re tired.

  16. Do 11+ minute of cold showers/week to minimize stress and build “mind control”

  17. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient. Eat protein to avoid overeating.

  18. Eat 1g of protein per lb of target bodyweight for optimal satiety, muscle growth and fat loss.

  19. Favourite protein sources are steak, chicken, burgers, salmon, greek yogurt and whey protein

  20. Muscle confusion is not a real thing

  21. 8 hours of sleep is a performance-enhancing drug

  22. Minimize seed oils (hidden inflammation booster in nearly all foods)

  23. Lack of sleep increases your hunger hormones during the day, making it harder to lose fat.

  24. Get 15 min of sun upon waking to set your circadian rhytm and get good sleep.

  25. Take magnesium glycinate, theanine, and inositol to minimize stress and sleep like a baby.

  26. All you need is 1.5 hours/week to work out. If you can’t manage this, you’re simply an unproductive human.

  27. To avoid post-dinner snacking, brush your teeth. Watch your cravings vanish.

  28. Eat slower to allow time for the satiety hormone (leptin) to release in your body. This tells your body when you’re full.

  29. Avoid fake meat at all costs.

  30. More muscle means higher metabolism.

  31. Higher body fat means higher risk of cancer.

  32. You don’t need motivation.

  33. It would be best if you had proper default actions.

  34. Remove junk food from your house. If it’s in the place, you can eat it.

  35. Marriage is not a license to grow man boobs.

  36. 120 years ago, we walked 23.5 kilometres steps per day. Now we walk 3.5k steps/day. Walk more.

  37. You can eat foods like pizza, ice cream, and burgers and still lose fat if you eat clean 80% of the time.

  38. Drink black coffee to suppress your appetite.

  39. Most Starbucks “coffee” is really a sugar shake. Avoid.

  40. Most people know they need to work out and eat right. But they lack consistent implementation. This is need to focus on default actions. This is where you are different from most people.

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